Husband made world record by impregnating 13 wives at once

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Husband made world record by impregnating 13 wives at once

Polygamy was practiced in India many years ago, where a man had more than one wife, although it is still prevalent in some parts. This practice is still prevalent in other less developed countries of the world. One such incident took place where a man not only had 13 wives, but also married at the same time.

I had also made all the wives pregnant. There was a lot of brotherhood on social media. In this specific picture a man is standing and pregnant women are lined up on either side of him. It is said that the man married all the women and had children in their womb. information published on the website

According to legend, the man was able to marry only 13 women and all of them were friends of each other. You are quite happy and at peace. There is no quarrel or quarrel between them. The most surprising thing is that they all got pregnant at the same time. These women are in different stages of pregnancy, ie being pregnant together

But there is a difference of 3 to 5 weeks in the time of their pregnancy. However, the man would definitely be happy to see these priceless and joyous pictures of their wives together. However, there is every possibility of this happening. The first reason is that Nigerian law does not support polygamy in any way.

doesn’t, as stated here. Polygamy is strictly prohibited in the country and is a punishable offence. The second reason is that looking at the background of the pictures, it seems that it is nothing more than a pregnancy photoshoot. Although this may not be true, polygamy is practiced in countries around the world.

The problem still exists, which is really surprising. You must have heard or seen in our country that the same person has more than one wife – and the best example of this is Giona Chana of Mizoram, he has 39 wives and he is the owner of the largest family in the world. There are some villages in our country where only twin children are born.

However, this much can be said that the father will be sweating to handle all the children together.

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