Sunshine Cruz, Matapanǥ Na Isiniwalat Anǥ Panǥ Mamaltrato Sa

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Sunshine Cruz, Matapanǥ Na Isiniwalat Anǥ Panǥ Mamaltrato Sa


Sunshine Cruz has disclosed that she tried to break her marriage to Cesar Montano several times before their eventual divorce in 2013.

Cruz said she spotted a “sign” of Montano’s alleged rage when they were already engaged to be married in a scathing portrayal of the marriage described as “dark and chaotic” in a story.

She said that their wedding in 2000 was almost canceled at the time.

Cruz narrated: “Meron siyang nabitawan na salita sa akin, medyo ikinagulat ko. First time ko narinig. Kasi, with my family, hindi naman sa nagmamayabang, hindi ko kelanman narinig ang papa ko na nagsasalita ng anything about my mom, never kong nakitang namalo or nahila or ganyan.


“I was in Cebu, meron siyang nabitiwang salita sa akin sa phone. I was calling off the wedding. I called Tita Norma Japitana [Cesar’s former manager], and I said, ‘The wedding is off! Ayoko na, ayoko na!’ Kasi meron siyang nasabi sa akin–hindi maganda.”

According to the report, Cruz decided not to mention the phrase Montano used, instead simply remarking, “Basta ang baboy, ang baboy. Hindi maganda, hindi talaga kaaya-aya.”

Cruz recalled how Montano abruptly canceled a film production at the time, flew to her, and begged with her after she decided not to go through with the wedding.

“I called off the wedding. ‘Yun yung time na pina-pack up niya yung taping niya, may shooting siya dapat. He flew to Cebu, and lumuhod at nagmakaawa sa akin. Nagulat ako. Pero, imagine, na-pack up niya yung shooting niya? I think he paid more or less P100K dun sa damage na ginawa niya–and he flew and apologized to me,” she said.


On September 14, 2000, the couple married. Cruz was 23 years old at the time, and Montano was 38 years old.

According to Cruz, Montano’s alleged rage flared up again during their honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise.

“Masakit man aminin, pero honeymoon pa lang, tinapon niya yung wedding ring namin sa ano, nung nag-Carribean cruise kami,” she said.

The cause of the outburst, according to Cruz, was Montano’s demand that she admit to having actual intercourse with her co-stars in her previous “bold” films before to their marriage.

Cruz recalls being perplexed as to why Montano, an actor himself, was so insistent about the subject.

“Sabi ko, ‘Kahit balatan mo ako, kahit itapon mo ako sa dagat, wala akong aaminin! Kasi, hindi totoo!’ Sabi ko, that was a time na dapat masaya, honeymoon, nag-e-enjoy. Ano talaga, grabe,” she said.

Cruz agreed to accept Montano’s demeanor because they were freshly married at the time. However, it soon became clear to her that the actor’s apparent rage was the rule rather than the exception.

She explained: “Mas marami yung times na ganun siya, kesa yung kalmado siya. And I was thinking na, maybe, it was just yung pagpapalaki sa kanya, upbringing niya. Baka talaga medyo may temper lang. Yun yung iniisip ko–may temper lang.

“Tapos, lagi sa ‘kin sinasabi ng ibang tao na, ‘Maybe you just have to prove your worth as a person.’ Ganun na lang lagi. That’s what I did. Napasubo na ako, kasal na ako–anong gagawin ko?”


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