7 Best Data Governance Companies You Can Refer

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Organizations may efficiently manage, organize, and safeguard sensitive information with data governance software. It may enhance workflows, automate audits and data collection, and demonstrate compliance. In this article, with, let’s find out some useful information about data governance companies!

1. Data governance companies – Definition

Data governance companies - Definition
Data governance companies – Definition

To monitor access credentials and protect critical datasets, data governance software can interface with other data management applications and business intelligence systems. Analytics tools for detection, correction, and reporting are frequently included in these software systems.

Data stewardship, another name for data governance, guarantees that data is maintained properly in accordance with regulations and standards. The universal application of updates and enforcement of standards is made simple by data governance software. It has privacy and security options, including the protection of personally identifiable data (PII) and personal medical data (PHI).

All phases of the data management lifecycle, including data collection, retention, quality, categorization, standardization, compliance, utilization, auditing, security, and archiving, are covered by data governance. Data governance software aids businesses in creating a standardized framework for understanding the data they hold, why it is used, and how to utilize it. Companies may standardize naming conventions, backup schedules, and policies to avoid data loss and silos.

Software of this nature assists in ensuring data reliability and accountability throughout a whole enterprise. Businesses can determine which assets are in use, which documents should be uploaded to the cloud, and which data should be preserved or deleted.

2. Some reputation data governance companies

2.1 Netskope – One of best data governance companies

Netskope is private company that founded in 2012, at USA. The pioneer in cloud security is Netskope. The context-aware management of all cloud usage in the organization is provided in real-time by Netskope’s cloud-scale security platform using patented technology, regardless of whether it is accessed from the company’s network, remotely, or from a mobile device. This implies that security experts can comprehend dangerous practices, safeguard sensitive data, thwart online dangers, and handle events in a manner consistent with how individuals conduct business nowadays.

The biggest enterprises in the world rely on Netskope because of its customized security rules, cutting-edge cloud DLP, and unrivaled range of workflows. Security evolved using Netskope.

2.2 Collibra – One of best data governance companies

Some reputation data governance companies 
Some reputation data governance companies

Collibra is private company that founded in 2008, at Belgium. Collibra, the industry pioneer in data governance and catalog software, assists businesses all over the world in gaining a competitive edge by maximizing the value of their data throughout the whole company. The most complicated, data-intensive sectors can only be served by Collibra, which was created specifically to satisfy their full range of data stewardship, governance, and management requirements. Our adaptable, customizable cloud-based or on-premises solution prioritizes people and processes, giving every data citizen the ability to locate, comprehend, and trust the data to create business value.

2.3 Alation – One of best data governance companies

Alation is private company that founded in 2012, at USA. Alation, a data catalog firm, is transforming how people locate, comprehend, and trust data in order to create a data-fluent society. Alation is the first company to provide a data catalog to the market, and it blends human and machine cooperation to boost the trust of data-driven judgments. The Alation Data Catalog is used by more than 100 businesses, including the City of San Diego, eBay, Munich Re, and Pfizer.

2.4 Aledade, Inc – One of best data governance companies

Aledade, Inc is private company that founded in 2014, at USA. Aledade provides a fresh approach to basic care that puts doctors back in charge of managing their patients’ medical needs. Aledade works with primary care doctors to create and manage Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that let these doctors practice medicine the way they’ve always wanted to while maintaining their independence and making money by keeping people healthy. Aledade offers unmatched regulatory experience, the best practices shared by a nationwide network of hundreds of doctors, user-friendly technology to assist doctors deliver more seamless care, face-to-face practice transformation support, and data analytics.

2.5 Palantir Technologies – One of best data governance companies

Some reputation data governance companies 
Some reputation data governance companies
Palantir Technologies is private company that founded in 2004, at USA. Our goal is to develop the finest data-working user experience in the world, one that enables users to pose and receive complicated queries without having to be command-line or statistical modeling experts. To do this, we create platforms for organizing, integrating, and protecting data, and then we stack apps for completely human-driven, machine-assisted analysis on top of those platforms.

2.6 DEEPKI – One of best data governance companies

DEEPKI is private company that founded in 2014, at France. Deepki is a start-up that Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet founded in 2014 that specializes in data analysis for improved energy efficiency. In order to help its clients manage their real estate portfolio and find energy savings on hundreds of buildings remotely and inexpensively using data analytics algorithms, Deepki consults with them.

2.7 Immuta – One of best data governance companies

Solutions for data protection and governance in the cloud. While auditing data queries, it enables access control to data silos using conventional interfaces like the file system, map-reduce, and SQL. By monitoring activity against business data, it offers real-time reporting on data governance and compliance. The offering includes the public, financial, and healthcare sectors.


Business models change throughout time, often as a result of changes in the market and other times as a result of developments in technology, which gives rise to exciting new trends. I hope you found this article about data governance companies useful. Have a great day!

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