Best 7 Data Governance Platform For Management Tasks

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Organizations must have a strong data management strategy as long as they want to make sure that data is treated consistently and isn’t being abused throughout the firm. To standardize your data terminologies and definitions and to facilitate data governance planning, employ powerful data governance tools. In this article, let’s find out some useful information about data governance platform with!

What is data governance platform?

What is data governance platform?
What is data governance platform?

Data governance is the procedure of establishing internal data standards and enforcing rules that limit who has access to data and how it is utilized for analytical applications and business operations. Both master data management (MDM) and data quality improvement activities are frequently included. A effective data governance program makes ensuring that data is reliable, consistent, and accessible as well as that its usage conforms with all applicable laws and rules.

Organizations can automate a number of management tasks for a governance program with the use of data governance solutions. Software of this type offers features that facilitate the formulation of data governance policies, the construction of catalogs of data and business glossaries, data visualization and categorization, workflow management, collaboration, and process documentation. MDM, data administration, and data quality solutions may all be used in combination with data governance software.

Some common data governance platform you should aware of

Some common data governance platform you should aware of
Some common data governance platform you should aware of

1. Alation Data Catalog – Data governance platform

Through a single pane of glass, Alation Data Catalog enables you to locate, comprehend, and manage every piece of corporate data. A wide range of data sources, including traditional databases, data stored in cloud lakes, and file systems, are indexed and made discoverable by the product using machine learning. Data is democratized by Alation to provide fast access together with metadata to direct lawful, intelligent data use with essential context. Knowledge is captured through conversations and wiki-like entries, which also direct newbies to the right subject-matter expert. Users are given the ability to query in plain language thanks to the intelligent SQL editor, which also surfaces suggestions, compliance flags, and pertinent regulations when users query.

2. ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence – Data governance platform

The data intelligence platform provided by ASG Technologies can find data from more than 220 conventional and big data sources. The tool includes reference data integration, automatic pattern matching data tagging, and enhanced metrics. Users may better comprehend their data through automated business linage, and governance features include those for tracking down data from both conventional sources and the data lake. Reference clients praise the vendor’s support for a wide range of corporate use cases, and ASG’s EDI solution has a strong capabilities portfolio.

3. Ataccama ONE – Data governance platform

Master management of data and data quality features are also included in the comprehensive data management and oversight platform Ataccama ONE. The solution advertises a user interface focused on machine learning and a data processing engine in charge of data transformations, assessing business rules, and finding and merging rules. The platform is open to any type of data, domain, and integration.

4. Collibra Platform – Data governance platform

The technical metadata utilized by an organization is documented in Collibra’s Data Dictionary. It explains a piece of data’s structure, its connections to other data, as well as its source, format, and purpose. For users that want information on how, where, and how to use data, the solution acts as a searchable repository. Users can also use processes to create roles and responsibilities and to map data. Collibra stands apart from similar products since it was designed with business end customers in mind.

5. Claravine – Data governance platform

Some common data governance platform you should aware of
Some common data governance platform you should aware of

Utilizing the Data Standards Cloud from Claravine, customers can promote internal standards across data sets, types, and sources. The solution enables the formulation of clear requirements using referenceable fields and descriptions. In order to maintain standards, users may audit, monitor, and standardize data as well as automatically check tag placement and setup across landing pages. via standard and bespoke settings, Claravine claims to be able to provide individuals or groups the appropriate responsibilities and rights, as well as evaluate, audit, and visualize platform activities via dashboards.

6. Egnyte – Data governance platform

Regardless of where the files are located, Egnyte provides an information security, compliance, and teamwork solution. Through a single solution, the product offers a range of user access abilities, lifecycle management, security of data, conformity, business process management, and API connection. Finding important and sensitive data, automating compliance, and other information governance features are included. Additionally promoting modernized file systems and comprehensive policy controls for remote work, Egnyte.

7. Immuta – Data governance platform

Through a specialized data catalog, users of Immuta’s automated data governance platform may find and access data. The software includes a user-friendly policy builder that enables security executives to design policies across any data in plain English and without programming. Users automatically assume the correct access and controls when they transfer projects. Immuta can be used on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture as a containerized solution.


Data accessibility, safety, usability, and integrity are all managed through the centralized management system known as data governance. A committee, a well defined set of processes, and a strategy for carrying out these procedures are needed to adopt data governance in the company.

Setting data management guidelines, developing procedures to address data problems, and assisting companies in making decisions based on high-quality data are all tasks carried out by data governance inside an organization.

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