Nas Data Recovery Services: Expert Solutions for Data Retrieval

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Millions of enterprises use network-attached storage (NAS) as a nas data recovery storage and sharing platform for numerous remotely accessible PCs. However, you could encounter nas data recovery loss and corruption in NAS for a number of causes, including unintentional deletion, unexpected power outages, etc.

On your computer, you should have reputable data recovery software. You may choose the best NAS data recovery software with the help of this article. will provide some of information for you.

1. Recoverit NAS Recovery Software

NAS data recovery
NAS data recovery

One of the best nas data recovery options for Windows and Mac users is Wondershare Recoverit NAS Recovery, which G2 selected and recognized as the industry leader in the nas data recovery sector.

A secure and practical recovery solution, Recoverit NAS Recovery software provides a smooth recovery process for Windows, Mac, Linux, USB drives, NAS servers, memory cards, and other devices. It exceeds your expectations when it comes to recovering lost or deleted files from various storage media, including NAS storage, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm.

How to Use Recoverit to Perform NAS Data Recovery

Follow these four easy steps after downloading Recoverit NAS data recovery software to recover erased files from your NAS storage quickly.

Step 1: Select NAS Recovery Mode.

On your computer, launch Wondershare Recoverit. Navigate to the Linux and NAS options next. To choose NAS Recovery. Recoverit will be able to search for the NAS storage systems where the lost data was stored.

Step 2: Connect the NAS Device

When Recoverit is done looking, NAS-detectable devices will appear on your screen under NAS Servers. Locate the lost data device, then click it to continue. To create a remote connection, provide the required details and click Connect.

Step 3: Scan for NAS Data

Recoverit will automatically scan the lost or deleted data on the chosen NAS drive once it is connected.

Step 4: NAS File Recovery

Recoverit will let you examine the files you want to restore after the scanning is complete. Whenever you locate the required file to be retrieved, you have the option to suspend the scanning procedure. Click Recover to launch the recovery procedure after previewing the files.

You will be asked where you want the recovered files saved when the popup appears. Pick a different route than the one where your data was lost or erased.


  • Numerous supports
  • Very good usability
  • User interface that is simple
  • There is no need to remove the NAS server’s hard drive.


  • Data recovery for the free trial is limited to 100 MB.
  • The XFS file system is not supported by Recoverit at this time.

Why Should You Choose Recoverit NAS Recovery Software?

Recoverit NAS data recovery software has established itself as the market’s leading product for data recovery thanks to its 35+ patents. You can be sure that the recovery procedures you use are completely secure and virus-free. Recoverit NAS Recovery Software is an impressively capable, rich-featured recovery solution that is reasonably priced and provides a number of advantages. Additionally, 24/7 free tech help from qualified professionals is available.

2. Home NAS Recovery

NAS data recovery
NAS data recovery

By removing hard disks from NAS machines, Home NAS Recovery is a great program for recovering NAS data. It restores erased NAS data in 5 easy steps: remove the disks from the NAS, connect them to a PC, download Home NAS Recovery, run Home NAS Recovery, and in just five clicks, your NAS data will be restored.


  • Supported NAS products include those made by QNAP, NETGEAR, Buffalo, and other manufacturers.
  • It supports both small- and large-scale NAS data recovery.


  • Its user interface is simple.
  • Home NAS Recovery provides round-the-clock technical support.


  • Its scanning process takes a while.
  • It’s only compatible with Windows OS.

Why Should You Choose Home NAS Recovery?

There are several tools available that can be utilized with RAID if it is configured properly. The only program that integrates and fully automates the entire NAS recovery process, from RAID recovery to filesystem recovery, is Home NAS Recovery. However, very few applications can detect RAID characteristics automatically.

3. Runtime RAID Data Recovery

NAS data recovery
NAS data recovery

Runtime RAID Data Recovery is a top-notch NAS data recovery program that is definitely worth downloading, as evidenced by the reviews it has received.
Runtime RAID Data Recovery allows users to restore data from corrupt RAID Level 5 or RAID Level 0 Arrays on NAS equipment. Drive order, start sector, rotation, and block size are just a few examples of the RAID settings that it may automatically search for. Furthermore, this straightforward wizard doesn’t require user input.

Key Features

  • In a matter of minutes, recover NAS devices from Buffalo, Seagate, Western Digital, DLink, or Iomega that have been formatted in XFS or EXT.
  • A secure read-only design
  • It offers a trustworthy disk search feature.


  • Can quickly and easily restore data
  • It is OK to labor and take measures to complete the healing process.


  • Since 2018, no updates have been made.
  • You can see from the features that it doesn’t support BTRFS.
  • It is incompatible with macOS

Why Should You Choose Runtime RAID Data Recovery?

Due to its superior file system processing and automated RAID parameter identification capabilities, which competing NAS data recovery software lacks, Runtime RAID Data Recovery outperforms the competition.

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