5 Best Data Governance Policy Examples

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The worth of data itself and the advantages of an effective data governance program are closely related to the significance of a data governance policy. Data became one of the most important assets owned by businesses in the 20th century, and its value has increased over the previous several decades. businesses are using data more and more to inform tactical and strategic business choices. In this article, with, let’s find out some useful information about data governance policy examples!

Data Governance Policy Examples – What is it?

Data Governance Policy Examples - What is it?
Data Governance Policy Examples – What is it? 5 Best Data Governance Policy Examples

Before we delve into the data governance policy examples, let’s take a look at the definition of that policy

The management of information gathering, storage, access, consumption, quality, and archive across a data asset’s life cycle is facilitated by data governance policies, which are a collection of guiding principles, frameworks, initiatives, roles, and duties.

Data governance rules also provide best practices for ensuring the security and privacy of data assets as well as regulatory compliance.

A data governance policy aids your staff in understanding the rationale behind your protocols, who is in charge of them, and how they need to be handled. By drafting this document in a clear, succinct, and logical manner, a business may keep all of its teams and employees informed about what is expected of them.

To make sure that the stated processes are manageable and flexible, team participation is necessary when implementing data governance throughout an organization. Building a data governance policy is a crucial step in ensuring that these standards and processes are simple for your firm to embrace.

The definition of a policy according to Wikipedia is that it “is a statement of intent and is carried out as a procedure or protocol.” This is also an excellent place to start when trying to frame your comprehension of a data governance policy.

A data governance policy goes above and beyond by outlining the necessary dos and don’ts and concrete measures to accomplish the goal for data governance in your business. It should essentially also have “guidelines for ensuring that an organization’s information and data assets are managed uniformly and used properly.”

Data Governance Policy Examples

 Data Governance Policy Examples
Data Governance Policy Examples – 5 Best Data Governance Policy Examples

It might be challenging to know where to begin with your data governance policy if your business is just beginning to set standards and best practices around data.

Here are a few outstanding publicly accessible data governance policies that you may use as inspiration for your own policy.

  • Oklahoma Office of Administration & Enterprise Services – This sample covers policy and procedure at a fairly basic level, but it gets extremely specific when talking about the groups participating in data governance and their respective roles and duties.
  • New Hampshire State Department of Education – This policy details not just roles and responsibilities but also the precise work responsibilities of important personnel. It also describes the policy’s anticipated results, which is crucial for assessing the overall performance of data governance.
  • The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney divided its data governance into two distinct policies. They have a research data governance and materials handling policy in addition to a conventional data governance policy. If your business maintains huge amounts of data in various categories with unique responsibilities and processes linked to each, using several policies is a smart strategy.
  • Brandeis University – The university started the process of developing this data governance strategy by identifying all of the organization’s data sources. In a later section of the text, each data source is linked to a “data trustee.” By doing so, the danger of shadow IT is diminished and it is ensured that ownership of all data sources inside their environment is maintained.
  • UNLV – University of Nevada Las Vegas Sections on data usage, access, and integrity are included in the UNLV data governance policy. Similar wording in your policy will set expectations and norms that decrease data misuse and increase data trust inside your firm.

These are only a few illustrations of how a data governance policy may seem. Choose one that best summarizes your objectives, or combine the advantages of many, to act as your model for creating your own.

Sections of data governance policies that are crucial

Sections of data governance policies that are crucial
Sections of data governance policies that are crucial – 5 Best Data Governance Policy Examples

Structure for data governance policy

Finding the roles and responsibilities of people and organizations that have been recognized as significant participants in the management of data is necessary for the development of a data governance system. Roles like enterprise data management leader, information governance leader, executive sponsor, information user, and data steward are common in structures. Each of these people ought to have a clearly defined set of duties, which you may establish based on general position descriptions or on requirements particular to your business.

To supervise the plan and guarantee its execution, many businesses also set up a data governance committee or an enterprise data management council.

Data access guidelines

Exactly as it sounds, a data access policy is a collection of guidelines for allowing authorized employees and third parties access to data assets. From a security standpoint, this policy is crucial since, according to a 2018 Forrester analysis, compromised privileged credentials are a factor in 80% of data breaches.

In your data ecosystem, a data access policy will specify who should have access to which resources, what security measures will be used to enforce it, and the way access requests might be authorized using a preset procedure.

Data use guidelines

The ethical use of PII, or personally identifiable data, is more crucial than ever with laws like GDPR and HIPAA in existence, as well as numerous penalties for violations.

Here, data stewards have a crucial role to play. They must make sure that the workers who require each level of authorization and are aware of the pertinent PII regulations have the ability to access, generate, update, and externally disseminate data.

Data integration and integrity guidelines

A data integrity policy’s main goal is to make sure that the company’s units have access to reliable data. Integrity must be maintained while integrating data from different sources, systems, tools, and applications; this is no easy task. Underneath the data, organizations should develop business processes to verify correctness, control updates or modifications to datasets, and monitor the progress of data as it moves through the pipeline.

Teams will be held accountable as they manage data assets by maintaining paperwork on each underlying procedure and data element, including term terms, usage guidelines, and technical information.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that data management should always be addressed collaboratively. You run the risk of losing buy-in if the policy is produced and distributed without participation and debate from people throughout the business. Build these policies with the participation of important players and their teams.


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