Efficient VMware Data Recovery Solutions for Seamless Business Continuity

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The top vendor of virtual environment platforms is vmware data recovery. Users can utilize a variety of useful tools, such as data backup and management tools, to construct and administer Virtual Machines. VMware specifically employs a built-in program called VMware Data Recovery for data retrieval.

As backups get older, Data Recovery handles them by deleting them. Deduplication is also supported in order to eliminate redundant data. The VMware vStorage API for Data Protection serves as the foundation for data recovery. Because of its integration with VMware vCenter Server, you can organize the scheduling of backup jobs from a single location. will provide some of information for you in this post.

What is VMware Data Recovery (VDR)?

Vmware data recovery
Vmware data recovery

The vSphere suite of software includes a utility tool called VMware Data Recovery (VDR). Users of vShpere can utilize a straightforward interface to run data backups, store their crucial VM files, and access the backed up data whenever they need to.

However, VMware stopped supporting VDR with the release of vSphere v5.1 (and later versions). Therefore, to backup the data from your virtual machines on vSphere 5.1 or later versions, you require a third-party VMware Data Recovery software product.

What Can VMWare Data Recovery Do?

It was available as a vSphere plugin, so you had to install it on your PC where the vSphere suite client had already been set up. The VMware Data Recovery was fairly spectacular back when it was in use.

The OVF template and VDR collaborate to enable the deployment of VMs for future data backup. This means that you will be able to access the backup/restore environment when you launch the virtual machine (VM).

A quick and simple to use utility, the VMware Data Recovery had some complex capabilities including agentless backup, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), data deduplication, and others.

However, it had a limited feature set and lacked additional functionality available in other software programs that carry out the same task—VM data recovery/backup. Small enterprises and individuals tended to employ VDR.

The DiskInternals VMFS Recovery software app is the greatest full-featured option available due to VMware Data Recovery’s (VDR) constrained features and discontinuity. With only three easy actions, VMFS Recovery can help you resolve “VMware Disk File Not Found” problems.

Recover Data from VMware Disk

Vmware data recovery
Vmware data recovery

Numerous “guest” operating systems and a large amount of data may be present in a virtual machine. But all of a virtual machine’s data is kept on the host computer, which could be running Windows OS, Linux OS, or macOS, in a storage directory.

A virtual machine (VM) is essentially a host system, but even then, it is hosted on a physical system. The storage directory where the VM files are saved is the first place to check if you’re having difficulties starting your virtual machines. Of course, the storage directory is connected to a physical storage device, thus it is the storage device that has to be troubleshooted.

The files that VMware saves are in “VMDK” format and are placed in a chosen location on the actual host system. Evidently, the associated virtual machine won’t start if a VMDK file is destroyed. There are various circumstances that could result in data loss, even if it wasn’t caused by a user, and it would be a serious issue if the VMDK files were among them.

While you can attempt VMware recovery using VDR, it appears that you can’t utilize the VDR program if you’re running newer versions of vShpere; you must look for an alternative. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery can assist in recovering missing or destroyed VMware data so that you can regain access to your virtual machines and carry on with your business as usual.

Best VMware Data Recovery (VDR) Alternative

Vmware data recovery
Vmware data recovery

DiskInternals VMFS Recovery is the finest substitute for VDR; it has more extensive features, works with all editions and versions of Windows OS, and has an easy-to-use recovery “Wizard” that leads the user through a recovery procedure.

Among all VDR alternatives, DiskInternals VMFS Recovery excels and is incredibly simple to use. The DiskInternals VMFS Recovery utility software has some outstanding capabilities, such as:

  • VMFS file system reading
  • Reads VMFS disks with and without corruption
  • Supports ESXi/ESX Servers and vSphere
  • Wizard for Recovery in Steps
  • The files that were retrieved can be saved locally to another device or exported through FTP.
  • Supports all DiskInternals RAID Recovery features

DiskInternals VMFS Recovery is able to restore a variety of data formats from any lost state. It offers two “Scan” modes that allow users to thoroughly search the specified drive and retrieve all of the previously recorded data. Here is a tutorial on using DiskInternals VMFS Recovery to recover VMware (VMDK) files.


In conclusion, VMware data recovery is essential for protecting important data and guaranteeing business continuity in the digital environment. The demand for effective and trustworthy data recovery solutions has increased as virtualization technology is used more frequently. In the event of system failures, calamities, or human errors, VMware data recovery gives businesses the flexibility to restore their virtualized environments, recover lost data, and cut down on downtime.

Businesses can reduce the risks associated with data loss and safeguard their priceless assets by employing effective data recovery procedures and utilizing VMware’s cutting-edge technologies. Within VMware systems, the ability to quickly restore virtual machines, applications, and data not only provides operational resilience but also boosts productivity and lowers the expenses associated with extended downtimes.

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